Monday, 19 June 2017

Welcome AG doll Kanani Akina!

Today a parcel arrived: Kanani is here! She is not an easy doll to find now at a  good price as she was the girl of the year for 2011 and has been very popular. Her long long hair and green eyes are so cute! 

Kanani american girl doll

As she arrived with her head removed so she could fit into the box, although she was in good shape,  I decided to tighten her limbs straight away and also washed and conditioned her hair. It is now silky smooth! 

I am slowly building up my collection of the girls of the year and the historical dolls. Although many are far too expensive for me to buy I do take the opportunity to buy when I can afford one! This doll is my gift to me for my soon to come 60th birthday. My Mum had promised she would buy me a doll for that day but alas it is not to be. I would have treasured it had she been here to buy me one!
Kanani is so happy to be reunited with a couple of her sisters. These actually came from the same place! A new dress and a welcome for her! 

 Here is how I tightened her limbs and then washed and conditioned her hair:

She seems really happy to have arrived after such a long trip! 


  1. How strange sending her with her head removed so she will fit in the box! I bet that was a surprise to see. ~

    She sure looks pleased to be reunited with her friends.

    1. I knew she was coming that way. It made postage a lot cheaper as the box was smaller!