Thursday, 15 June 2017

Savoury Cold Rice Salad

Well it is hot hot hot now. Summer has really arrived quickly this year. DD asked me to make a rice salad as she says it is just too hot to eat. 

Cold rice salad.

So, a lifetime ago when I was studying in Rome I worked as an au-pair for a year. This is a recipe I learnt then. I have no idea how traditional it is, the bought stuff is totally different, but this I learnt and this my kids (and DH) love! My inlaws now also make this. In the years before there were fridges it would not have been possible.

So ingredients:
500g rice. Salt to taste.

Canned Tuna.
Canned beef.
Wurstel sausage.
Boiled eggs.
Sweet corn.
Grated parmesan cheese.
Butter or oil.

I throw everything I can in the fridge before starting to reduce cooling time.

Cook the rice in salted water till "al dente" (just cooked). Cool.
Cook the wurstel sausages ( I slice and cook in a little butter. Cool.
Cook the sweet corn. Cool.

Add mayo.
Add boiled eggs cut up.
Add all other ingredients. 
I add the mozzarella last and if leaving for later just add to what I know we will use within two days. 
Stir it all together well and cool. At least a couple of hours.

Keeps well in fridge. I add tomatoes and mozzarella after if I want to keep it more days. You can add cucumbers, lettuce, ham, pickles,  olives etc etc as you like.

Quick and easy. Great to eat when it is really hot!.

Nearly 40°C here today. This is something they will eat without moaning that it is "too hot" !

Let me know what you think of this!


  1. Looks good, I would have to make 2 versions because DS doesn't like tuna or tomato. Adding cucumber and lettuce sounds good. Also I would simply use a can of sweet corn, so I would no need to cook it. Is the sausage not ready to eat? Or does cooking improve it in some way?

    1. The sausage here does need cooking although you will probably find some ready to eat versions over there. I think the nice thing about this is that you can just add what you like. A sister-in-law uses olive oil instead of the mayo.