Friday, 20 January 2017


I have been busy working on uploading a new pattern today. I decided to call the dress "Belle" like one of my Disney Animator dolls. As usual it is available on Ravelry.

Disney Animator pattern

It is a pretty lacy dress which is relatively quick and easy to make. Knit flat topdown with a simple lace pattern on the skirt. 

Animator Belle

These dolls are so much fun to dress. It can become addictive. 

Disney Animator

Now I need to start working on some other projects though! Be back soon!

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Blue Tits and Mulan!

The weather has recently been cold with rain, hail and snow. Most unusual for us.

I started feeding the birds from my window. Although it is hard to take a photo I managed to snap this one. 

Bird feeding

There are several who come. Most are blue tits but others arrive as well. 

My doll collection is still growing. I found Mulan on Ebay. Description said she was dirty and ok for "spare parts!" Well I just couldn't allow that! I put in an offer for half of the small amount they were asking and it was accepted within minutes. I wondered just how dirty and poor condition she was!

She arrived yesterday. Actually the only thing wrong was her matted hair!

A wash and combing session soon fixed that. Boo lent her a clean dress until I have time to make her something especially for her! 

Here she is:

Isn't she beautiful now? I think she is really happy to have arrived here!

Mulan disney doll

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Guardian Angel?

Witch and Angel

I dreamt that my Mother phoned me last night. She was eating an apple and I complained I couldn't hear her well.

She said that she was sorry she hadn't been around much but she knows that I am well and that she is keeping an eye on my new granddaughter to make sure she is ok. She told me that I can look after my older Granddaughter. (Thanks Maman!)

I can't really see her in the role of Guardian Angel but she has always loved small babies so I suppose that it is fitting! Not much patience with toddlers though so I guess that is why I get to look after the two year old! Lol!

She said that they can be pretty clueless at times. She always knows best! With her around all will run smoothly! 

Dreams can be strange.

Do you believe in Guardian Angels?

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Camille Cherie Free Pattern

Free pattern for Les Cheries dolls and similar size dolls.

Free knitting pattern

50g Fingering weight yarn.

Needles: US 3/ 3 mm. (or those you need to obtain gauge)
Darning needle.
Stitch markers or waste yarn.
3 small buttons .

Gauge: 8sts x 11 rows.

Co: cast on.
Bo: bind off.
St-stitch: Sts- stitches
K: knit
P: purl
Yo: yarn over
kfb: Knit into front and then back of stitch.
K2 tog: Knit two stitches together as one stitch.
Ssk: Slip, slip, knit, slip 2 stitches and knit them together.
Bh: button hole.
S1, k2tog, psso: Slip 1, knit 2sts together and pass slipped stitch over. (Double decrease)

Cast on 121 sts and join to knit in the round.
1: *K1, p1; repeat from * to last stitch, k1.
2: *P1, k1; repeat from * to last stitch, p1.
3-6: As rounds 1-2.
7: Knit. Decrease 1.
Start pattern:
1: *K5, k2tog, yo, k1, yo, ssk; repeat from * to end of round.
2: Knit.
3: *K2tog, yo, k1, yo, ssk, k5; repeat from * to end of round.
4: Knit.

Repeat rounds 1-4 for a total of 10 times or to desired length.

Start decreases for waist:
1: *K1, s1,k2tog, psso, k1; repeat from * to end of round. ( 72 sts)
2: Knit.
The bodice is now knit flat. Turn work.
4: Purl.
5: k3, *k2tog, k1; repeat from * to last 3sts, k3.
6: K3, purl to last 3sts, k3.
7: K50.
8: K3, p44, k3.
9: K4, *K2tog, k2; repeat from * to last 6sts, k2tog, k4.
10: K3, p33, k3.
11: K39.
12: K3, p33, k3.
13-20: As rows 11-12.
Divide for arms.
1: K10, bo 2, k15, (st on needle from bo included in count), bo2, k10.
Continue working on backs and front separately.
Right back:
2: K3, p5, p2tog.
3: K9.
4: K3, p6.
5-8: As rows 3-4.
9: K9.
10: Bo3sts, p6.
11: K6.
12: P6.
13-16: As rows 11-12.
Bind off.

Left back.
2: P2tog, p5, k3.
3: K9.
4: P6, k3.
5-8: As rows 3-4.
9: Bo 3sts, k3.
10: P6.
11: K6.
12: P6.
13-16 As rows 11-12.

2: P13.
3: K4, kfb, k5, kfb, k4.
4: P17.
5: K17.
6: P17.
7: K7. Bo3, k7.
Continue working on sides of neck separately.
Right front.
8: P7.
9: Ssk, k5.
10: P6.
11: K6.
12: P6.
13-16: As rows 11-12.

Left front of neck.
8: P7.
9: K5, k2tog.
10: P6.
11: K6.
12: P6.
13-16: As rows 11-12.
Bind off.

Sew shoulder seams.
Pick up and knit 36sts around neck.
Rows 1-3: K1, p1, to end of row.
Bind off in rib


Cast on 24sts.
1-4: K1, p1; repeat to end of row
5: *Kfb, k1; repeat from * to end. (36sts)
6: Purl.
7: Knit.
8: Purl.
9-12: As rows 7-8.
13: Bo 2sts, knit to end.
14: Bo 2sts, purl to end.
15: Ssk, k28, k2tog.
16: P30.
17: Ssk, k26, k2tog.
18: P28.
19: Ssk, k24, k2tog.
20: P2tog, p22, p2tog.
21: Ssk, k20, k2tog.
22: P2tog, p18, p2tog.
23: (Ssk)x5, (k2tog)x5.
24: P10.
Bind off.
Sew sleeve seams and sew to bodice.
Attach buttons and weave in yarn ends.

Free doll pattern

Hope you enjoy the pattern!

Patricia Renwick © Copyright January 2017.
All rights reserved. You may sell items made from this pattern but not the pattern. Please respect my design rights. 

Sunday, 1 January 2017


Voices voices in my Brain,
Always constant, still the same

Counting numbers, counting sheep
but the voices never cease
I just want to go to sleep.

Tossing and turning for hours and hours
Lying, thinking, need staying power
I just want to go to sleep

Will the memories never end?
Can I never turn that bend?
Will I never rest in peace?

Rest in Peace.