Tuesday, 20 September 2016

How does your garden grow?: part 2!

I should have shared photos of my garden but got totally sidetracked. A few days ago there was a horrible hailstorm so I thought it was totally destroyed but strangely things are surviving and we even have zucca flowers once more! 

big zucca

It has been wonderful having fresh tomatoes and zucchini and zucca flowers all summer.
fresh tomatoes

 Fresh figs!
 Great big zucche!
 3 different types.

 Hailstones I thought would ruin all!

 See how big those leaves are now!

Flowers still grow!

Nature's fruits

Well it is porcini mushroom time again. DH has dutifully paid the tax and can go and collect them! 
Everytime he goes he finds a few, even one is enough to make him happy but usually it is far more.

Porcini mushroom

This afternoon after we got back from picking up DD from school he went to find some. I thought it was too late but he brought back this beauty: 500 grams!

porcino mushroom

and not a single maggot! 

2016 mushrooms

Some others he brought the other day.

Funghi freschi

Rositi and porcini here.


rositi funghi

DH suggested taking a photo with my dolls:

This is the school uniform I am making sans cardi!

Doll school uniform

Here with her cardigan!

18 inch doll uniform

So risotto or fettucini? 

Sunday, 11 September 2016


How can it be?
Life is so strange:
I feel like my daughter inside my brain.
Yet I looked in the mirror
And what did I see?
There was my mother
Looking at me!

I wonder what happened? Where have all the years gone?
I am Grandma Renwick now yet the dreaming teenager is still there somewhere inside!