Sunday, 13 December 2015

Santa Lucia day

Today December 13th there was the traditional procession in the village with the statue of Saint Lucia. After, as it turned dark there were the fantastic hot air balloons set off. The weather was good today so they soared up in the sky. 

Palloni di Santa Lucia

My BIL took some photos for me. It was too dark for my little camera.

Palloni di Santa Lucia.

There were many different ones. All painstakingly made by hand.

Palloni di Santa Lucia

Different colours and patterns. So big!

Palloni di Santa Lucia

Way up into the night sky until the fuel is all used up and then they fall down.

Kirsten Santa Lucia Outfit

Kirsten has her Santa Lucia outfit today.

AGD Kirsten Santa Lucia.

She even has the candles on her wreath.

Kirsten Santa Lucia.

Happy Saint Lucia Day Kirsten!
santa lucia

Saint Lucia balloons

Palloni di Santa Lucia